Exbrooknes Supplies & Service Ltd.,

Tameside Business Park,  Windmill Lane,

Denton,  Manchester.  M34 3QS

United Kingdom.

Tel.  +44 (0)161 336 3971    Fax.  +44 (0)161 335 0106

Email.  sales@exbrooknes.co.uk



We manufacture switchgear tripping / closing supply units, transformer / rectifier power supplies, emergency lighting and engine starting battery / charger units and supply spare parts and repairs / service for existing units.


We also manufacture and supply a range of synchronizing plugs and sockets (which were previously a GEC Alstom product) for inter-locking and remote circuit breaker operating purposes.


Our capabilities extend far beyond the standard range of units detailed here and we would be pleased to quote for, and advise the appropriate options against, any specific requirements that you may have.



The present company was founded in 1997 by the former engineering and management staff of Brooknes Limited (established 1971).  The company has a firm financial base with no external constraints and can therefore offer the excellent quality and reliability of product that has been recognized across the industry for many years with the advantage of; an improved level of service, greater flexibility and enhanced commitment to the customer than ever before.  Each of our senior staff have worked in the switchgear supply unit field for more than 25 years and can offer an unsurpassed wealth of knowledge and experience.  We have supplied equipment to all of the following applications: electrical distribution networks, power engineering, safety and security services, control systems, railway networks, marine / offshore installations, windfarm / national grid generation plants, petroleum refineries and chemical / pharmaceutical plants in locations all over the world.



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Standard Switch Tripping Supply Units.


Standard Switch Closing / Tripping Supply Units.


Bespoke Switch Closing or Tripping Supply Units.


Spare Battery Packs and Spare Parts / Repairs and Service.


Synchronizing Plugs and Sockets.


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